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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Medieval Studies Program

Medieval Studies Resources

Basics of Medieval Studies

Guide to Medieval Terms, edited by J. S. Arkenberg
The Catholic Encyclopedia Online
What Every Medievalist Should Know, by James Marchand


Anglo-Saxon England
The Chaucer Review
Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Exemplaria: Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Fifteenth-Century Studies
Fons Luminis: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies

The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe
Hortulus: The Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies
Journal of English and Germanic Philology
Journal of Medieval Religous Cultures
Manuscripta: A Journal for Manuscript Research
Marginalia: Journal of the Medieval Reading Group at the University of Cambridge
Medieval Forum
The Medieval Review
Old English Newsletter
Publications of the Modern Language Association
Studies in the Age of Chaucer
Vagantes Medieval Graduate Student Conference
Yearbook of Langland Studies

Academic Organizations

American Comparative Literature Association
International Congress on Medieval Studies

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists

Medieval Academy of America

Modern Language Association
The New Chaucer Society

Medieval Studies Resource Pages

British History Online
Chaucer Bibliography Online
Directory of Dissertations and Interests at the Medieval Academy of America
Early Medieval Forum
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Internet Medieval Sourcebook, sponsored by Fordham University
Internet Resources for Medieval Studies
Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies, sponsored by Georgetown University
The Medieval Page: Sources for Medieval Studies on the WWW
The Online Medieval & Classical Library
The Orb: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Resources for Medieval Studies at University of Connecticut Libraries
TEAMS Middle English Texts Series