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Graduate Students

  1. Andrew Roos BellAndrew RoosBell1st Year MA Student in Medieval
  2. William BielWilliamBiel3rd Year PhD Student in Medieval
  3. Alexandra BorkowskiAlexandraBorkowski1st Year PhD Student in
  4. Patrick ButlerPatrickButlerABD in Medieval
  5. Elisabeth BuzayElisabethBuzayABD in French, with Secondary Specializations in Medieval Studies & DHMSelisabeth.buzay@uconn.edu
  6. Jake CouturiauxJakeCouturiaux1st Year PhD Student in Medieval
  7. Gretchen GeerGretchenGeer2nd Year MA Student in Medieval
  8. Laura GodfreyLauraGodfreyABD in Medieval
  9. Micah GoodrichMicahGoodrichABD in Medieval Studiesmicah.goodrich@uconn.edu
  10. Karli GrazmanKarliGrazman2nd Year MA Student in Medieval
  11. Kathleen JarchowKathleenJarchowABD in French Studies, Concentration Medievalkathleen.m.jarchow@gmail.com
  12. Katelyn JaynesKatelynJaynesABD in
  13. Joseph LeakeJosephLeakeABD in Medieval
  14. M. Breann LeakeM. BreannLeakeABD in Medieval
  15. Joanna MacGuganJoannaMacGuganABD in Medieval Studiesjoanna.huckins@uconn.edu
  16. Graham O'TooleGrahamO'Toole2nd Year MA Student in Medieval Studiesgraham.o'