Old Norse Language and Literature

Egill Skallagrímsson, illustrated in a 17th c. MS

Learn the Language

An Icelandic Primer (by Henry Sweet)
Old Norse for Beginners
Old Norse Online at University of Texas at Austin Linguistics Research Center (by Todd B. Krause and Jonathan Slocum)
Learning Old Norse: Some Suggestions

Grammar and Drills

Mimir: Icelandic Grammar Notebook
Verbix: Conjugate Old Norse Verbs

Online Dictionaries

A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (by Geir T. Zoëga)
A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (by Geir T. Zoëga) *Different interface
An Icelandic-English Dictionary (by Cleasby and Vigfusson)


Omniglot: Old Norse Pronunciation
Pronunciation of Old Norse (by Óskar Guðlaugsson)

Texts and Readings

An Introduction to Old Norse, Selections (by E.V. Gordon and A.R. Taylor)
Old Norse Etexts
Skaldic Poetry Project
Old Norse Poems (by Lee M. Hollander)
Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda (a collection of Legendary Sagas)

Old Norse Resource Pages

Bibliography of Old Norse-Icelandic Studies
GR Burgess’s Old Norse Page

In Parentheses Old Norse Series
Internet Tools for Learning Old Norse
Viking Society for Northern Research