Undergraduate Minor

Degree Requirements for Medieval Studies Minors

Students must complete at least five upper-level courses in Medieval Studies disciplines, for a total of 15 credits.  No more than three of these credits may be transferred from another college or university.  Coursework must be at the 2000 level and above, and may also include Variable Topics, Special Topics, Independent Study, Foreign Study, and graduate-level courses, as determined by the course content and consent of one of the Minor Advisors (see below).

The five courses must be drawn from at least four of the following categories.

Arab and Islamic Civilizations

ARAB2751 Arabic Folk Tales and Mirrors for Princes

ARAB3550W Classical Arabic Literature

ARAB3551 Arabic Travel Narratives (language requirement)

ARAB3559 Arabic Poetry and Poetics (language requirement)

ARAB3751  Al-Andalus: Music, Literature, and Science in Muslim Spain

Art History

ARTH3210/3210W Late Antique and Early Byzantine Art

ARTH3220/3220W Early Medieval Art

ARTH3230/3230W Romanesque Art

ARTH3240/3240W Gothic Art

ARTH3260/3260W The Early Illustrated Book

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

CAMS3102 Topics in Advanced Latin

CAMS3213 Ovid and Mythology

CAMS3224 Vergil and the Roman Epic

CAMS3232 Medieval Latin

CAMS3244 Ancient Fictions

CAMS/HIST3320 Ancient Greece: Troy to Sparta

CAMS/HIST3321 Hellenistic World: Alexander to Cleopatra

CAMS/HIST3325 Ancient Rome: Aeneas to Augustus

CAMS/HIST3330 Palestine under the Greeks and Romans

CAMS/HIST3326 Ancient Rome: Emperors and Barbarians

CAMS/HIST3335 The Early Christian Church

CAMS/HIST3340 World of the Later Roman Empire


ENGL3111 Medieval English Literature

ENGL3301 Celtic and Norse Myth and Legend

ENGL3495 Studies in Early Literature in English

ENGL3501 Chaucer

ENGL3603 History of the English Language


FREN3230 The Middle Ages:  Myths and Legends

Hebrew & Judaic Studies

HEJS3201 Selected Books of the Hebrew Bible

HEJS3241 Jewish Magic from Late Antiquity through the Early Modern Period

HEJS3301 The Jewish Middle Ages  

HEJS5316 Dying for God: Jewish Martyrdom in the Middle Ages

HEJS/HIST3362 The Black Death: Medieval and Modern Responses to Catastrophe


HIST3350 Byzantium

HIST3360 Early Middle Ages

HIST3361 High and Later Middle Ages

HIST3420 English History to 1603

HIST3460 Italy 1250-1600

HIST3704 Medieval Islamic Civilization to 1700

HIST/CAMS3320 Ancient Greece: Troy to Sparta

HIST/CAMS3321 Hellenistic World: Alexander to Cleopatra

HIST/CAMS3325 Ancient Rome: Aeneas to Augustus

HIST/CAMS3330 Palestine under the Greeks and Romans

HIST/CAMS3326 Ancient Rome: Emperors and Barbarians

HIST/CAMS3335 The Early Christian Church

HIST/CAMS3340 World of the Later Roman Empire


INTD3220 Studies in the Culture of the Middle Ages

INTD3260 The Bible

Italian Literary and Cultural Studies:

ILCS3253 Dante and His Time

ILCS3254 Boccaccio and His Time

ILCS3255W Dante’s Divine Comedy in English Translation


MUSI3401 Music History and Literature Before 1750


PHIL3261 Medieval Philosophy

Political Science

POLS3002 Classical and Medieval Political Theory


SPAN3200 Spanish Civilization to the Modern Period

SPAN3231 Great Works of Spanish Literature from its Origins to the Golden Age

SPAN3261 Old Spanish Language and Literature


The Minor is offered by the Medieval Studies Program

For further information, contact Sherri Olson (sherri.olson@uconn.edu)