Old English Language and Literature

Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire Horse
Stylized Seahorse from the Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire Hoard

Learn the Language

Electronic Introduction to Old English (by Peter S. Baker)
Old English at Creighton University
Old English at the University of Calgary
Reading Old English (by Bob Hasenfratz and Tom Jambeck)

Grammar and Drills

An Anglo-Saxon Reader with Grammar (by James W. Bright)
The Historical Grammar of the Old English Language (by Cyril Babaev)
Old English at Royal Holloway
Old English Aerobics
Old English Magic Sheet (by S. Moore and A. Marckwardt; Downloadable)
Some Important OE Paradigms


Anglo-Saxon Aloud (by Michael Drout)
Omniglot: Old English/Anglo-Saxon

Online Dictionaries

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
A Concise Old English Dictionary (by John R. Clark Hall)
Dictionary of Old English (University of Toronto)
Germanic Lexicon Project
Thesaurus of Old English

Teaching Resources

Woruldhord: Free online educational resources for the teaching and study of the Anglo-Saxons and Old English

Texts and Readings

The Complete Corpus of Old English Poetry
In Parentheses Old English Series
Old English Texts at University of Calgary
Electronic Beowulf


Anglo-Saxon Charters – General
Anglo-Saxon Charters – Kemble Website
Anglo-Saxon Charters – Sawyer Edition
Early English Laws Online
Anglo-Saxon Penitentials
Old English Newsletter
Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: Register of Written Sources Used by A-S Authors
Sources of Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture, SASLC
Etymonline: Etymology Dictionary

Old English Resource Pages

Links to Online Resources at the Richard Rawlinson Center (Western Michigan University)
Old English Links (University of Toronto)