Additional Germanic Language and Literature

Old Saxon

Wulfila Bible
Page from the Codex Argenteus, “Wulfila Bible”

Old Saxon Wikipedia page
Altsächsisches Wörterbuch (Old Saxon Dictionary, 5th ed)
Einfürhng in das Altsächsische (An Introduction to Old Saxon)

Old High German


Middle Low German

Middle Low German Grammar

Old Frisian

Old Frisian Language (Wiktionary)
An Introduction to Old Frisian, Rolf Bremmer Jr.
Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary
Old Frisian Law (excerpts)
Altfriesisches Wörterbuch (Frisian Dictionary, 4th ed)
Codex Unia (Old Frisian Legal Manuscripts)


Lexilogos, Gothic Dictionaries Online
Gothic Grammar, University of Texas Austin
Codex Argenteus 
The Lord’s Prayer in Gothic