Latin Language and Literature

Wheelock’s Latin

Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica
Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica

LatinPraxis: Wheelock-linked Exercises and Explanation Pages
Maps for Student Downloading at AWMC (maps from Wheelock’s Latin)
The Official Wheelock’s Latin Series Website
“Required” Vocabulary in Wheelock: Chapters 1-22
Study Guide to Wheelock’s Latin (by Dale A. Grote)
Wheelock Latin Exercises
Wheelock’s Latin Vocabulary Games

Oxford Latin Course

Internet Workbook for the Oxford Latin Course (by Robert W. Cape, Jr.)
Latine Discere: Study Aids for Oxford Latin Course
Oxford Latin Course Drills
Self-Help Quizzes for Oxford Latin Course

Grammar and Drills

Latin Grammar (by Charles E. Bennett)
Latin Verb Drills / Latin Noun Drills
New Latin Grammar (by Allen and Greenough)

English Grammar for Latin Students/English Derivatives

Understanding English Grammar: Prolegomena to Latin


Oxford Tutorials: Latin Pronunciation
Pronunciation of Latin: Ancient and Modern Pronunciations

Online Dictionaries

Bill Casselman’s Latin Dictionary
Dictionary of Latin from Celtic Sources
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid at the University of Notre Dame
Latin-English Dictionary
Perseus Dictionary Search Tools
Words Latin Dictionary (by William Whitaker)

Teaching Latin

Classics Teachers’ Page
Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University
National Capital Language Resource Center: Essentials of Language Teaching
VRoma Teaching Resources

Texts and Readings

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Latin Library at George Mason University
Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum
In Parentheses: Medieval Latin Series Latin Vulgate with Douay-Rheims English Translation
Medieval Latin Library at George Mason University
Monumenta Germaniae Historica
Patrologia Latina Online

Latin Resource Pages

Cornell College Latin Links
Latin Language and Literature Resources Links
Latin Links and Resources (by Fr. Gary Coulter)