Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty (Retired)

Jean Givens, Ph.D. (University of California–Berkeley): Art history, the history of visual and verbal literacy

Thomas J. Jambeck, Ph.D. (University of Colorado): Old English; History of the English Language; Medieval Drama

Bruce Bellingham, Ph.D. (University of Toronto): Renaissance Musicology; Lutheran Pedagogy; Practice Performance

C. David Benson, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley): Chaucer; Langland; Middle English Literature

Fred A. Cazel, Jr., Ph.D. (The Johns Hopkins University): English History,1066-1307; History of the Crusades; History of Taxation

Antonio Cirurgico, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin): Early Portuguese; Camoes

Terrence McCormick, Ph.D. (University of Illinois): Historical Germanic Languages

A. S. McGrade, Ph.D. (Cambridge University): Ph.D. (Yale University): Ancient and Medieval Philosophy; William of Ockham

Michael McHugh, Ph.D. (Catholic University of America): Medieval Latin and Patristics

Thomas A. Suits, Ph.D. (Yale University): Classical Latin and Greek

Allen Ward, Ph.D. (Princeton University): Late Roman Empire

Barbara Wright, Ph.D.: Early German and Baroque Literature